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Photoelectric Treatment Instrument

Photoelectric Treatment Instrument
Product name : Photoelectric Treatment Instrument
Item : RBXS-998G
Price : Sample Price USD125.95 per set
Details :

As the product transport by Air,so it not allowed to put battery in the box.
The price we sell to  Chinese hospital is cost RMB1380(USD230),
also it not including the profit of the hospital sell to Patient.
I. Overview
XS-998 series photoelectric treatment instrument, developed by this are based on traditional Chinese meridian theory and modern technology combined with a proprietary patented technology products. This instrument can be used for massage, Gua Sha, acupuncture, and analog inserted acupuncture techniques, mentioning, twist, turn gas feeling. Patent No.: ZL9923002.9.
Medical experts proved by the long-term practice, when the lesions occur in the human body, the meridian will blood runs sluggish essence can not nourish the relevant tissues and organs, causing the organs. TCM theory holds that: pain is unreasonable, the General does not hurt. The treatment instrument can be used for massage, massage, scraping, acupuncture can play and clear the meridians, conditioning yin and yang qi, righting Quxie analgesic antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory swelling, in order to restore the balance of the body, enhance disease resistance, especially on the human body movement, pain and other diseases caused by the degeneration of the nervous system have a significant effect. This therapeutic equipment is easy to operate, safe and reliable, small size, easy to carry, diverse treatment modalities available for multi-level medical institutions and the vast majority of home medical care with.
Second, product characteristics
XS-998 series photoelectric treatment instrument using LSI microprocessors. This product EA treatment waveform is a two-way symmetrical narrow square wave pulse width automatically overcome tolerated in the treatment changes, effective, comfortable treatment efficacy. By replacing the electric needle electrode chip, for most of the diseases of the ear acupuncture and body acupuncture. And has the characteristics of low power consumption, good reliability, easy to operate, safe, painless, without side effects.
2, the product working frequency can select a single frequency or multiple frequency of the alternating, wherein f1, f2, f3, said three kinds of frequencies from low to high cycle selected when compared with alternating frequencies are available for the treatment of different diseases. Usually low-frequency current is applied to the human body there hammering, kneading feeling;, the high frequency current is the feeling of twisting the needle and the needle acupuncture; alternating frequency contains the characteristics of the high, middle and low-frequency current, with the rhythm of the changes can be simulated acupuncture mention, stay, twist, turn, may air feeling and effect.
3, the therapeutic apparatus copper electrode therapy:
Massage, scraping the therapeutic apparatus at the end in front of the Ministry of dual copper electrode the Ashi points or treatment of diseases related to the main points on the boot. Intensity electrical stimulation therapy instrument output intensity of the selected operating frequency and pressing Pressure size.
4, a single electrode pads with copper electrodes with the treatment of:
Single electrode pad plug wire plug into the output jack of the right side of the therapeutic apparatus, the single electrode pads paste to the treatment of diseases acupuncture points or A is the point. The therapeutic apparatus copper electrode pressing massage Scraping the Ashi points or treatment of disease, the main point,. Electrical stimulation intensity with 1.
5, the dual-electrode chip treatment:
The the dual electrode pads plug into the output jack, two electrode pads were pasted to the main point of the treatment of disease or A hole regulate therapeutic apparatus operating frequency, the output intensity can be no need to hold the therapeutic instrument.
6, the electro-acupuncture treatment:
Electricity needle clamp plug wire plug into the output jack, two EA folder folder acupuncture needles. Become a single EA instrument. The intensity of electrical stimulation output intensity and selected operating frequency.
Third, the structure composed of
Therapeutic apparatus massage electrode made of metal, the output electrode of the electro-acupuncture (EA folder, skin electrodes), the control circuit and chassis components.
IV therapy instrument indications
Suitable for high blood pressure, allergic rhinitis, neurological and degenerative diseases (such as migraine headaches, joint pain, sciatica, toothache) and other illnesses adjuvant therapy.
, Product technical parameters and configuration
1, the normal working conditions
a) Ambient temperature: 0  ~ 40 ;
b) Relative humidity: ≤ 85%;
c) atmospheric pressure: 86.0kpa ~ 106.0kpa;
d) The use of power: DC6.0V, deviation range of -10% to +5% (5 batteries 4).
e) Input power: not more than 100VA +15%.
2, transport storage conditions
a) available to the general transport transport, the transport process should avoid vibration and mechanical collision;
b) the packaging after treatment instrument should be stored at a temperature of -10  ~ 40 , relative humidity not more than 80%, non-corrosive substances and ventilated indoor.
3, EA parameters
a) the EA output DC component: less than 100mV;
b) EA Pulse Width: 0.2ms ~ 1ms;
c) EA operating frequency: 2Hz, 10Hz, 100Hz, circulation optional;
the pulse amplitude d) EA: ≤ 150Vp adjustable (500Ω load).
4, the standard configuration
Standard configuration:
Model electric needle laser standard fittings configuration
XS-998G 1 Road pay electrode pads
Note: 4 battery applicable
, Contraindications and precautions
1, please carefully read the product manual, familiar with the issues and correct operation of the Note and then operate.
2, the use of electro-acupuncture, TENS therapy, prohibited the use of implantable electronic devices (such as pacemakers), the body of a metal implant patients.
Do not in the heart of the abdomen of pregnant women use.
4, non-cancer patients.
Strictly prohibited without the ability to act independently of the patients used alone.
6, used in combination with other electronic devices risk:
- High frequency surgical equipment and the product is connected to a patient at the electrode of this product may cause burns and possible damage to the product;
- Close to shortwave or microwave therapy equipment (eg 1m) use of the product, may cause the instability of the output of the product;
- Close to the chest using electrodes will increase the risk of cardiac fibrillation;
7, use self-adhesive electrode treatment, please clean the treatment site, the end of treatment timely covered with self-adhesive protective film electrode is not recommended to be shared with others.
8, the use of conductive rubber electrode films, please use medical alcohol wipe before and after treatment, disinfection. Pure water before treatment, conductive adhesive surface to be coated, and fixed with tape at the treatment site.
9, the therapeutic apparatus with security protection, the EA should be before treatment intensity knob counterclockwise to the "0" bit, otherwise can not start work. Electro-acupuncture treatment intensity knob should be slow to adjust, select the appropriate stimulus intensity. Treatment need to move the the electric needle clamp or electrode films must first move and then electro-acupuncture intensity knob set to "0" bit.
10, insert or pull the plug, be sure to hold the plug, prevent wire pull off.
11, when installing the battery, press marked "+, -" polarity, not to the battery polarity is reversed. In a certain period of time (more than one week) do not use the treatment device, remove the battery to avoid battery leak damaged parts.
12 Do not dismantle or repair, may cause an accident or malfunction. Do not give children to play.
13 Do not beyond the scope of this manual.
Seven, Operations Guide
a) XS-998G-type operation metal electrode (TENS):
Selected according to the illness and the medical advice regular time, operating frequency, the treatment of pain can usually choose A cave and disorders related to acupuncture points. Machine head metal electrode set 10 treatment acupuncture point, and then adjust the rotating disk 9 power transferred to moderate irritation in the clockwise direction is appropriate. The of irritation following optional massage frequency and pressing the pressure changes in the size. Such as massage, sensory stimulation is weak, put a little water will increase the intensity of stimulation in the treatment of part.
b) operation of XS-998G-type single electrode pads (TENS):
8  the 3 single electrode plug wire headphone plug insert socket, electrode pads placed in the treatment of diseases related points, hand machine handle, metal massage electrode pressed when A is the point massage and other operations with a).
c) XS-998G-type dual electrode pads (TENS) in the treatment of operation:
Figure 4 pairs of electrodes plug wire headphone plug is inserted into the output 8 socket automatically disconnected the 10 metal massage electrode, the two electrodes are pasted into the treatment of acupuncture points and other regulation with a).
d) XS-998G-type electro-acupuncture treatment operations (specifically for the acupuncturist with the use of electro-acupuncture):
Clip to the electro-acupuncture on the two main points of the needle handle other operations with a).
e) the treatment instrument has the boot protection function, the XS-998G-type treatment 9 Power must be adjustment dial counterclockwise transferred the "0" bit, card clicks before starting power, you need to choose the timing and the operating frequency 9 also need to power adjustment dial counterclockwise transferred to be selected after the "0" bit.
Eight common troubleshooting
Table 1 Common Faults and exclusion method
Fault phenomena excluded method
Press the power on / off, the indicator does not light or silent check the battery is installed correctly, the contact is good.
The battery capacity is exhausted, replace the batteries with new ones.
Functional indicator dark, electroacupuncture power is weak. The battery capacity is insufficient, replace the batteries with new ones.
Normal power, function indicator, EA has no output. Check whether the electric needle probe is inserted firmly probe lead break your dealer to replace.
9, after-sales service
    The product quality and the implementation of three bags. Host within one year from the date of purchase (non-human fault or improper use), product repair kits, limited warranty, lifetime paid maintenance.
Note: Does not include the case of supplies pads, plug wire.
10, Certificate
Medical Device Manufacturing Enterprise License No.: Su drug possession of firearms production license 20010105
Product Registration No: Su drug possession of firearms (Approved) 2009 No. 2,250,112
Medical Devices registered products the Standard: YZB / Su 0120-2009
Patent Number: ZL9923002.9 
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