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ElectroAcupuncture Ear &Body Points Locator

ElectroAcupuncture Ear &Body Points Locator
Product name : ElectroAcupuncture Ear &Body Points Locator
Item : RBSK01
Price : USD69 Per Set
Details :
Curative principles
Energy channels of the ear are complicated and they are the energy channels of body meet. They communicate with all the energy channels from inside to outside, from upper part to lower part. When body or organs have diseases, the earpoints will appear electrical changes (which called respondent dot of masculine). According to this principle, the Earpoints probe can find the respondent dot of masculine. Light to show the condition of body. It is the auxiliary machine of diagnosing and consulting; what's more, it helps the cure of pasting and pressing ear acupuncture point to improve curative effect. After many practices ,cure disease at ear acupuncture point can mediate energy channels, can regulate the function of vigor or the body organs ,strengthen the ability of resisting disease, accelerate the circulation of blood ,reach the function of preventing disease., and caring your health.
Instruction of all parts of the product.
1. Open the instrument
2. Adjusting the datum point
Press the probe on the ear root and then adjust
Adjust before each checking
Do clean the probe by ethyl alcohol after checking each person
If there are scars cause by inflammation at earpoints,do not touch these parts.
Postion between head of upper ear root
First ,use forefinger to push the checking ware forward to the end. And then slowly adjust until the green and the yellow lights go out, and the red one is bright. That is the standard dot . Stop when the red light is just bright and hearing the sound of 'MI MI, do not adjust too much.
(PS: (1) slowly wriggle the button ,do not wriggle quickly;
(2) after adjusting ,do not touch the push-button when checking)
3. Ressult of survey
One hand slightly pull the ear, the other hand hold the probe to check. Do hold horizontal of 90 degree checking, enough pressure not too much, press to acupuncture point when the light is bright.
4. Suggestion of checking steps
Begin from the helix:
1) the helix 5) the superior concha
2) the seaphoid fossa 6) the inferior concha
3) the body of the hedix 7) the antitragus
4) the triangular fossa 8) the lode
9) the tragus

5. Close the instrument

The Pointer PLus stimulator / Locator should be periodically wiped clean using a damp cloth and a solution of mild sop and water. Use of other cleaning solutions may damage the case.
The metal electrodes should be thoroughly washed in a 50% mixture of isopropyl alcohol and water.
The wire should be wiped clean with a cloth dampened with a mild soap solution and then wiped dry.

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