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KangCi Auto Electric Cupping Massage Machine

KangCi Auto Electric Cupping Massage Machine
Product name : KangCi Auto Electric Cupping Massage Machine
Item : RBKCE16
Details :

Sample Price :USD698 per set(inlcuding air freight charge by Post Air Parcel)

Motor:              Original motor pump
Supply Voltage:     220V/110V, 50Hz
Power Consumption:  80W
Host Size:          350 * 300 * 160mm
Weight:             6.5kg
1. Characters of product 
Kang Ci HNP AUTO Massage Machine is a newly health care product which according to physics, bionics, electrobiology, traditional jingluo theory combines with many practices, and researched through modern electrical technique. It has not only acupuncture, hammering, massage, fire pot, lose weight, release of pressure etc. functions, but also foot massage, prevent diseases caused by chest, chesty, eliminate comedones facial massage etc. massage functions.
2. Theory of physical therapy
The cellular activities of humans’ muscle, nervous, and organization can produce weak activity, it is changed by a kind of biological electronic which from viable organism. Then the activity of biological electronic produces the bioelectric peculiar biology. In all process of human life, they can not away from the activity of biological electronic, they always maintain relative balance in the unbalance. From the analysis of TCM (traditional Chinese medical science), the unbalance of biologic chain can lead to jingluo disorder, pain and kinds of discomfort caused by people.
Kang Ci HNP AUTO Massage Machine uses high-tech digital technique to produce low frequency simulate current, and have directly effect on human body. It can expand the blood vessel, promote circulation of blood, improve part supply and nutrition of blood, enhance the vigour of tissue, accelerate excretion of metabolite and inflammatory substance, and reach the purposes of reducing inflammation. Through the human body meridian system, there has effect to the whole body, and to reach the treatment finally. This product belongs to the apparatus which can undulatory treatment. It uses the theory of high-frequency vibration and professional nature physics method to help breast take exercises. The breast will accelerate the circulation of blood, promote the smoothness of galactophore and dredge lymphatic. Through this way our product will prevent many diseases caused by chest.
3. Function characters 
(1) It makes massage safer and more convenience to use the method of HNP technique.
(2) Compared with the ordinary cupping set, it can adjust the pressure in the massage process.
(3) It has two massage models: period wave and direct wave, which makes the massage diversification.
(4) It has good preventive effect to the diseases caused by breast.
(5) This product adopts the method of air cups, which have the effect of dredging grain, activating organization and accelerating circulation of blood through fat movement. 
(6) The period wave can give you real feeling such as massage, fire pot.
4. Suitable symptoms
  Kang Ci HNP AUTO Massage Machine is a perfect entia which successfully combines traditional Chinese medicine with modern electrical technique. It also can make you healthier, and boost your immunity. It mainly suitable for below:
(1)all kinds of acute and chronic diseases, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, rheumatism, arthritis, omitis, stomachache, bellyache, dysmenorrheal, etc.
(2)punishment, low immunity, tiredness, neurasthenia, to have pains in the loins and back, etc.
(3)beauty efficacy: loss weight, chesty, abdominal looseness after birth, prevent diseases caused by breast, eliminate comedones, facial massage, emollient, physiological massage for male.
5. Names of the part on the product and operating instructions
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