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Foot Massager swing Vibrates Infrared massage

Foot Massager swing Vibrates Infrared massage
Product name : Foot Massager swing Vibrates Infrared massage
Item : RB-KW-376
Details :
 Product Description

1.Swing massage caps
Thick sponge with high-grade leather jacket, engineering grooves around subside comfortable swing, relieve fatigue, promote blood circulation
2.The unique infrared heating
This paragraph is the basis of massage massage integrate all the advantages of the world on the design of a new product, using infrared principle, infrared energy in about 60 seconds, the human body massage
3. Vibration massage cone
Use cobbled principle, promote the excretion, foot massage, vibration mode, magnetic therapy, massage plus infrared doubled, adjustable intensity
4.UP Power lock
Using a dedicated power supply lock, with the family firm, do not worry about moving and so bring failure
Healthy Sway Machine

8 Functions of Healthy Function:
Function 1:Activate Cells
Function 2:Relieve Stress or Tension on the spine
Function 3:Improve Immunity and Durability
Function 4:Stimulate Blood Cell Reproduction
Function 5:Help Achieve Good Health 
Function 6:Balance of Self-Control Nerve
Function 7:Burn Excess Fat Achieve Weight Loss
Function 8:Full Body Workout


Uses friendly remote control with 1-to-touch buttons
Auto Mode with pre-set programming
Easy Speed adjustment of 14 speeds
Auto Timed programs of 5 minute intervals (5min-30min)
Quiet operation
Ergonomic design

1.Press ON/OFF buttons to turn unit on, the “normal” indicator light should go on.
2.Press TIME to set between 10 to 15 minutes.
3.Press Speed or to increase or decrease speed.

CE FDA proved ,6 speeds  Foot Massager swing massage 220V 
The Voltage of Our is from 110V to 240V,Suitable for use in any country.
Please choose the voltage as you need.
The first thing of purchase of electrical products to choose high-quality, safe products, although other similar products of our appearance, but the product quality is indeed not the same.
New Fashionable Design Foot Machine 
with infrared, heating, swing function to care your health!!

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