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Author : Rightbest Date : 6/16/2020 2:52:40 AM
So you (think) you know what laser hair therapy is all about. Women and men who experience hair thinning can wear a laser hair helmet to essentially reverse hair loss. While this is very true, did you know there are many other ways you can benefit from laser hair therapy? Whether you’re interested in glamming up your hair, could always use more hair, or styling your curls has become a bit of a battle, read on. Your laser hair helmet is on its way to the rescue!

(1) Boost your hair count
Yes, that’s right – we’ll start with the most obvious and documented, laser hair therapy effect on hair! Have you stepped into a hair salon with a magazine picture, telling your hairdresser you wanted your hair to look the exact same way? Did he tell you your hair wasn’t thick enough? Say no more. Only after a few months of treatment, a laser hair therapy device, such as laser hair helmet, can boost your hair count by up to 38%! This means that for every 100 hairs on your head, you get 38 extra hair shafts!

(2) Minimize your shedding
You’re familiar with the concept of shedding: you wake up in the morning and see hair on your pillow, you brush your hair and low and behold, there’s hair in your brush, and you find yourself cleaning out your shower drain once too many often.

While it’s perfectly normal to shed every day, and at certain times of the year (plus a hundred of other reasons, including hormone fluctuations), shedding can get pretty annoying – especially when trying out a new hairstyle or hairdo that requires you to have as much hair as possible. By wearing a laser helmet as little as twice a week, you’ll experience a lot less shedding in times ahead.

(3) Make your locks more manageable
Styling your hair should never be a burden.  Laser hair helmet report having hair with great texture and improved overall better quality and condition. Included in this is better curl retention if you sport gorgeous waves or curls. So, whether you’re struggling with frizz, entangled curls or poor texture, it can help.

(4) Strengthen your hair follicles
You read this right. Studies have also shown that
laser hair therapy users end up with hair with reported “increased tensile strength”. Translation: your hair shafts will become much more stronger. If your hair has become fragile because of your styling habits, you can energize your follicles and strengthen them with love by wearing a laser helmet.
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