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How to prevent NCP in daily life

Author : Rightbest Date : 4/21/2020 11:57:31 PM
    (1)Avoid areas where diseases are prevalent.          

    (2)Reduce activities in densely populated public places, especially places with poor air mobility, such as public baths, hot springs, cinemas, Internet cafes, KTV, shopping malls, stations, airports, docks, exhibition halls, etc.    

    (3)Keep the room clean, open the windows frequently and ventilate frequently.        

    (4)Take the initiative to do a good job of health monitoring for individuals and family members, and take the initiative to measure the temperature when you feel hot. If you have children at home, you should touch their forehead sooner or later. If you have fever, you should measure their temperature.         

    (5)Wear a mask and goggles when going out. When going out to public places, medical treatment and public transportation, you should wear medical surgical masks or N95 masks.

    If you want to go out, please take corresponding protective measures, please take goggles and masks, let's get through this difficulty together
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