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All you need to know about the advantages of using a digital thermometer

Author : Rightbest Date : 6/17/2020 2:12:28 AM

A digital thermometer is a device that you use to check the temperature of the body. When your baby is showing signs of a fever, the first thing that you will resort to is a thermometer to check your baby’s temperature.

However, taking a baby’s temperature can be confusing to first-time parents. Having a good understanding of the different types of thermometers will help you to make the right choice.

Types of Thermometer

Digital armpit thermometer:

A digital armpit thermometer is easy to use to check the temperature of children below 5 years of age. You will need to place this thermometer in your child’s armpit for close to a minute to get an accurate temperature. Most of these digital thermometers come with manufacturer’s instruction which makes them easy to use.

Digital Forehead thermometer::

The forehead thermometer takes a reading by scanning the temporal artery of the forehead. The thermometer will read the infrared heat that comes from the head to determine the baby temperature. A forehead thermometer is the most convenient.

Glass and mercury thermometer: :

This type of thermometer consists of a tubular glass with mercury inside. It works by placing the thermometer beneath the tongue of the baby to record the temperature. Though the thermometer records the temperature accurately, there is always a risk of exposure to mercury. Thus, this type of thermometer is hardly used nowadays.

Benefits of Digital Thermometers

Digital thermometers can read temperatures fast and with high accuracy.

They are handy and easy to use; you can even carry the thermometer in your bag.

The display is easy to read.

A digital thermometer isn’t expensive.

They do not require any special maintenance.

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