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650nm Laser Acu - Cupping Therapy Equipment for Body Pain Reliever

Author : Date : 2/15/2017 12:27:16 AM

New Arrived!Laser Acu-Cupping Therapy Equipment for Body Pain Reliever

Applicable Disease

1. Arthritis, periarthritis of shoulder

2. Cervical spondylosis, low back pain

3. Reduce weight

4. Children cough, asthma

5. Sequelae of apoplexy

6. Neurasthenia

7. Colds, bronchitis

8. Climacteric syndrome

9. Chronic gastroenteritis, Constipation


Laser wavelength


Laser output


Packing 30*18.5*10.7cm, 4 cups, 1.05kg


LR44 1.5v*2


Laser Acu Cupping,3 in 1,laser acupuncture+cupping+magnet therapy. Laser

acupuncture without piercing the skin just need a SCREW, cupping just need
APRESS, easy operation and safe,easy use following with Laser Acu-cupping
Brochure, widely used in pain relief, nervous and endocrine regulation,

back and arthritis pain, slimming,etc. Laser Acu-cupping makes complicated

Traditional Chinese Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Cupping so simple that

everyone can master it.

Safe Laser instead of traditional silver needle, no need of professional operation,

painless, no infection, no untoward effect. Quantitative vacuum, no harm risk to skin

in traditional cupping.

High efficiency It is the combination of laser Acupuncture, cupping and magnetic

therapy. High magnetic ring makes the laser beam to form reverse screw and

therefore more effective. This mechanism greatly enhances the therapeutic effect!


1. Shin allergy, trauma, the ulcer disable

2. Facial features location, genital, anus position

3. Women's menstrual period abdominal, the abdomen, lumbosacral gestation period

4. The drunken, satiety, hunger, fatigue, thirst, sweating, bleeding and other disabled

5. Heat, kidney, severe liver diseases and febrile seizures are disabled

6. The tendency of hemorrhage disease, such as thrombocytopenia, leukemia,

allergic purpura


  • When do treatment, maintain indoor air fresh, avoid the fan blowing, keep
    indoor warm, avoid feeling cold.
  • Cupping can make skin blisters, local appearance of small droplets, bleeding,
    blood stasis blood, itching phenomenon, are normal response of treatment.
  • In cupping process, if appear pale, cold sweat, dizziness, heart panic
    palpitation, nausea and vomiting, cold extremities, and other symptoms,
    should immediately stop the cupping, let the patient supine,
    drink warm water or the syrup, rest, if necessary should go to hospital
    for emergency treatment.
  • Avoiding laser beam into eyes!


Quality 650nm Laser Acu - Cupping Therapy Equipment for Body Pain Reliever for sale
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